My name is Jay and I'm a penetration tester at Security Innovation.

I find that I'm able to retain information a little easier if I write it down as if I'm trying to teach someone how to do it. So this is basically a culmination of all of my notes presented in a 'how-to' or 'teaching' format.

As time goes on you'll be able to find things like Box and CTF Challenge Writeups, cheatsheets I've written for myself, projects I'm working on and even some articles on tools/concepts that I come across as I learn.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter!

Recent posts

Peak Hill

‘Peak Hill’ box created by John Hammond on TryHackMe. We’ll be checking out a FTP server with anonymous login, Python’s pickle module and a neat custom challenge that we need to exploit.

Very Secure Website

‘Very Secure Website’ was a challenge in the Web category of dctf 2021

Secure api

‘Secure api’ was a challenge in the Web category of dctf 2021

Pwn Sanity Check

‘Pwn Sanity Check’ was a challenge in the Pwn category of dctf 2021