Phriedman Systems

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We need to log in with the CEO’s account

"Ever since I started my first business selling computer parts in my hometown, I've been personally committed to quality service, professionalism, ethical business practices, and extreme mission efficacy."

~ Our CEO, Conrad Smith (pictured right)

Few know that Phriedman Systems began as a mere ceilometer manufacturer, branching off from our CEO's first business. Over time we diversified to obtain our vast portfolio of today's products and services. We moved down to the DMV in 2014 to better facilitate service for customers in the region. To hear all about our exciting corporate story, feel free to contact us and ask about company info. 
Conrad Smith - CEO
Hi! I'm the CEO of Phriedman. I'm very proud of my company and the important work we do every day.
Office 30

Found the login



first initial + last name is used a lot in the corporate world. The CEO’s name is Conrad Smith, so csmith is a safe bet for a username.

The log in function is secure. The hints say that it’s more of a recon challenge. Let’s try the phone!

Press 1: Company Info. CEO tells us that he’s from Albany.

Press 4: IT Department

Press 3: Automated Assistance

Press 2: Password Recovery

Using the keypad, input csmith

Asks us to provide the answer to the security question.

CEO Security Question: Name of hometown?

Using the keypad, input Albany

It then reads us the password: